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Lindsay Lohan’s Court Ensembles: A Retrospective

Lindsay's latest.
Lindsay’s latest. Photo: JB Lacroix/2012 JB Lacroix

Free at last, free at last. Earlier today, an L.A. judge declared Lindsay Lohan done with her supervised probation. Since the actress has made more appearances on the court steps than the red carpet as of late, it’s her frequent trips to see the judge that have allowed us to take a glimpse at her personal style. She did buttoned-up and buttoned-down; she sold out at least one dress; and, on the beauty side, she went from brunette to blonde to red to white-blonde and back to red again. We’ve collected Lindsay’s best courtroom attire, including her tie-dyed “Fuck U” nails and her most recent Hillary Clinton-esque pantsuit and pearls. Take a trip down LiLo Lane, and see all of her looks in our slideshow.