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L’Oréal On a Search for an Alternative to Animal Testing; Botox for the Younger Set

Kristen McMenamy for M.A.C’s new Reel Sexy makeup collection.
Kristen McMenamy for M.A.C’s new Reel Sexy makeup collection.


• The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and L’Oréal are collaborating on a $1.2 million research project aimed to create alternatives to animal testing. [WWD]

• Model Kristen McMenamy looks clownlike in a short film for M.A.C’s new Reel Sexy makeup collection, directed by husband Miles Aldridge. [Nowness]


• Jessica Chastain on donning a blonde wig for The Help: “A wig changes your hairline and it’s like putting a mask on so that when you look in the mirror, you immediately feel different,” she says. “With the blonde wig, I felt this kind of airiness. And I don’t mean that blondes are airheads but it’s just this lightness I had!” [Grazia]

Bianca BaltiLiya KebedeDoutzen KroesCoco Rocha, and Claudia Schiffer star in L’Oréal’s new French commercial for Préférence hair color. [Modelinia]

• An Alaskan beauty pageant queen shaved her head after reaching her fundraising goal of $2,500 — which she donated to a childhood cancer research foundation. “Our biggest goal is to bring a sense of normalcy to kids,” says Debbe Ebben, also known as Miss Chugiak-Eagle River. “And to let them know that bald can be beautiful.” [HuffPo]


• French actress Emmanuelle Béart says she is traumatized after undergoing a botched lip job. “It is a grave act in which you don’t necessarily foresee all the consequences,” she says. “Just the idea of an injection these days devastates me. So I don’t know how I will get through these stages [of middle and old age].” [NY Daily News]

• In an effort to stop aging before it even starts, younger and younger women are electing to have “preventative aging” cosmetic procedures — Botox use among 20- to 29-year-olds grew 10 percent in the last year alone. [ABC]


• A new study finds that eating more fruits and vegetables may lead to a better-looking complexion, thanks to the carotenoids in produce. [Time]

• Christian Courtin-Clarins, president of the Clarins Group supervisory board, was awarded the French Legion of Honour. [WWD]

L’Oréal and Animal Testing; Botox for the Youth