Mad Men Fashion Recap: The Swinging Sixties Have Arrived
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Mad Men Fashion Recap: Episodes 5-1 and 5-2

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Peggy's officewear repeat

Photo: AMC

Peggy totally wore this same dress last season. This makes sense, because she's such a jaded, eye-rolling grown-up now that she doesn't care about frivolous things like shopping. (Also, she looks nice in it.)

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Stan's wannabe muscle shirt

Photo: AMC

Stan continues to wear tight-fitting shirts that want so desperately to show off his biceps but are cruelly undermined by his lack of muscle definition. 

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Trudy's hausfrau muumuu

Photo: AMC

Our first inkling of how fantastic this episode's color palette will be comes in the form of Trudy's striped pink robe. Never one to shy away from wearing something fah-bulous while lounging around the house, Trudy has clearly embraced her new environs in suburban Connecticut by wearing all bright pink, all the time. We can't wait for her to discover Lilly Pulitzer.

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Pete's splendid checked jacket and Trudy's second pink dress

Photo: AMC

Please note the feathery cuffs on the sleeves of Trudy's dress. Also, if we were Cosmo, we would totally analyze how much their outfits clash, signaling their relationship's impending doom. 

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Jane's large bow and even larger side-bun

Photo: AMC

You know times are a-changing when Jane is the most demurely-dressed woman at a party. Big points for the side-bun, though.

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Peggy's unfortunate yellow rose dress

Photo: AMC

Peggy has never had much luck with out-of-the-office-wear, and this dress is no exception: her rose pin appears to be urinating between her cleavage.

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Megan's Zou Bisou Bisou outfit

Photo: AMC

Playboy After Dark didn't start filming until 1969, but Megan will totally be in it if things with her and Don don't work out. (Or maybe even if they do.)

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Harry's beige boa

Photo: AMC

Harry would have won "best-dressed male party-goer," but since the boa technically belongs to the lady sitting next to him, he loses out to Pete's blazer.

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Megan's post-party work outfit

Photo: AMC

Nothing says "don't judge my sexy dance routine" like a pink chevron jacket.

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Megan's rug-cleaning outfit

Photo: AMC

Megan doesn't want to get her dress dirty, the maid is gone, and Don is making her angry. Getting down on all fours in black lingerie to clean the rug is clearly her best option.

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Joan's post-baby office appearance

Photo: AMC

Wearing a tight, hot-pink dress to the office within months of giving birth takes balls. (Not that Joan's ever been lacking those, and no, that was not a boob joke.)

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Peggy's spit-up-free blouse

Photo: AMC

Peggy's collared button-down looks ironically nurse-like (and not in a cool Jil Sander way) as she uncomfortably holds Joan's baby. On a positive note, the baby didn't spit up on her, which seems practically impossible given that fictional babies always do that sort of thing when clean white shirts are nearby.


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