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‘Mantyhose’ Is Happening!

Photo: Emilio Cavallini

Apparently some dudes are into wearing fancy tights these days, according to upscale hosiery retailer Emilio Cavallini, who tells WWD that purchases by men (and for men) now account for 2 to 3 percent of their annual sales. He noticed the trend about three years ago:

When we started our online shop we noticed that a lot of tights sized medium-large were being purchased by men … So I did a search on the Internet and discovered there is a cult following for mantyhose.

So he decided to cater to male customers by creating unisex tights that allow for greater breathability, “which is important since men perspire much more than women do.” So, who are these sweaty, mantyhose-wearing men, and how do they style their hosiery? Apparently the same way people wear long underwear or spandex — in other words, safely out of sight beneath their pants as an extra layer during the winter. But Cavallini says he’s seen a few more daring gentlemen (European, it goes without saying) wear them with shorts. Which brings us to the inevitable question about unisex tights: To put it delicately, wouldn’t there be a problematic fit discrepancy between men and women in the groin area? Cavallini says no: “If it’s fine for Italian guys, it’s fine for the world.”

‘Mantyhose’ Is Happening!