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New Perfume for Marc Jacobs; Victoria Beckham Covers Harper’s Bazaar U.K.

Victoria Beckham for <em>Harper's Bazaar</em> UK.
Victoria Beckham for Harper’s Bazaar UK.


Victoria Beckham shows off subtle cat-eyes on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar U.K. [Harper’s Bazaar UK]

At a hearing on Tuesday, lawmakers and cosmetics industry officials debated the need to strengthen federal cosmetics regulations. [WWD]

Here are some tips from the makeup artists on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. [Allure]


The nail polish strips Avril Lavigne created with Sally Hansen are due out next month, and the singer says, “I love them because I don’t have much time to do my nails and I can do them virtually anywhere with these. I like to do them myself. I have a technique and can get them done fast. Plus, it’s fun.” [Beauty High]


Models Wei and DJ have blue and pink ombre hair in Flare magazine’s April issue. [Fashion Gone Rogue]

Milla Jovovich’s new cropped haircut was inspired by The Sims video game. “All my Sims wind up with this haircut, and it’s always a house full of really hot chicks,” she said. “I thought, ‘Obviously I want this haircut because I keep picking it out.’” [People StyleWatch]


Ferragamo Parfums saw a 25.7 percent revenue growth in 2011, up to $77.8 million at current exchange. [WWD]

Marc Jacobs is planning a new scent called Marc Jacobs Dot, to debut in August. [WWD]

Marc Jacobs Perfume; Victoria Beckham on Harper’s