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March’s Best Fashion Videos: Bruce Weber’s Steamy, NSFW Clip of Two Male Models Wrestling, Jessica Stam Belts Out Fleetwood Mac, and More

Last month was jam-packed with all sorts of video goodies from the fashionable set. Photographer Bruce Weber created two entries — the first depicts some P.Y.T.’s frolicking around on the beach, clutching the novel version of Michelangelo Antonioni’s L’Avventura (oh, classy move). His second clip is a much racier affair, with two sturdy male models … wrestling … shirtless … in the shower … and they kiss! All in the name of love Abercrombie. In other video news, Selfridges released seven standout shorts as part of its Film Project, in which the department store hired Ruth Hogben, Michael Pitt (yes, of Boardwalk Empire and recent Prada modeling fame), and Christopher Doyle, among others, to convey a modern designer’s vision in moving image form. See all of these clips, and one starring Jessica Stam channeling the great Stevie Nicks, in the slideshow ahead.

Club Nouveau by Ruth Hogben, The Film Project at Selfridges

If Charlie Chaplin, Liza Minnelli, and Boy George were to somehow cram themselves into one ultra-fashionable, Gareth Pugh-styled video, this would be it.

Sophomore by Shawn Regruto

Watch Jessica Stam, Kristi Garced, Fiona Byrne, and other industry folk try their darndest to channel Ms. Stevie Nicks.

The Lies of Handsome Men by Bruce Weber

Oh, Bruce, you always know how to portray such warmth and whimsy in all your works. How do you manage to do it?

In the Desert Sun by Michael Pitt, The Film Project at Selfridges

Actor Michael Pitt filmed his wife and frequent Ann Demeulemeester model, Jamie Bochert, wandering aimlessly in a barren, wind-swept desert for Demeulemeester’s special video presentation.

Wander by Day by Drew Reilly

Sigh … this clip by rising talent Drew Reilly makes us yearn for those carefree days when we would eat at Mark’s Kitchen and then drive downtown to Fort Reno in our then barely-functioning Toyota Corolla.

The New Faces by Dean Chalkley

In this (lengthy) short for, director Dean Chalkley explores the British Mod movement of yore and the kids today who currently emulate the sharp, detail-oriented dressing in the twenty-first century.

Mornlight by Christopher Doyle, The Film Project at Selfridges

Monday blues got you down? Take seven minutes out of your afternoon and enjoy Christopher Doyle’s lush, evocative short for Dries Van Noten.

Other Sports Require One Ball by Bruce Weber for Abercrombie & Fitch

And now, see Weber capture some, ahem, very intimate moments between several shirtless, buff male models in the shower and on the wrestling mat. (NSFW, obviously.)

Native Son by Niclas Gillis

Somehow, this video reminds us of the closing shot of Pier Paolo Pasolini’s Teorema, except the video’s star and director, Niclas Gillis, is styled in Native Son’s fall 2012 collection.

Delfine by Stef Viaene, The Film Project at Selfridges

As Vanessa Williams (shamefully?!) once said, “Save the best for last,” and so: we present you A.F. Vandevorst’s short. Director Stef Viaene filmed Belgian model, Delfine Bafort, mimicking a horse — and it’s kind of amazing to watch.

March’s Best Fashion Videos