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Marni for H&M Prompts the Usual Shopping Frenzy

Marni for H&M.
Marni for H&M. Photo: Marni

Marni for H&M goes on sale today, attracting lots of crazy shoppers who lined up around the block starting as as early as 8 a.m. yesterday (okay, that weird 8 a.m. person was by herself for the majority of her waiting period, but still — she was there). Members of the press were invited to a preview shopping event last night, and picked the racks clean within half an hour (aside from one lonely size 12 swimsuit). But don’t worry: Everything was restocked in time for this morning’s public launch, which began at 9 a.m. As usual, H&M employed the civilized tactic of handing out wristbands printed with specific admittance times, enabling folks in line to leave and get coffee, or go to work, or do whatever they normally do in the mornings when they’re not waiting in line to shop, and then come back during their appointed time slot. According to Racked, the wait time at H&M’s Fifth Avenue flagship store is currently over two hours long, a lot of size fours are already gone, and shoppers are walking out with huge bagfuls of clothing. So in other words, it’s no Versace, but there’s still plenty of fuss.

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