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Nicki Minaj Covers Allure; Emma Watson’s Top Skin Tip

Nicki Minaj for <em>Allure</em>.
Nicki Minaj for Allure. Photo: Allure


• Nicki Minaj covers the April issue of Allure, with her signature pink hair piled high. [ONTD]

• Rose Byrne says her red-carpet gowns have to match her hair. “Day to day, not so much,” she says. “But in terms of carpet it’s like, ‘What’s going to look right with the hair?’” [FabSugar]

Heidi Klum and her mom got haircuts together. [PeopleStyleWatch]

• Model Marina Asenova has sued her agency, MC2 Models, for breach of contract and unjust enrichment after finding out she’s been the face of Coty Cosmetics’ hair-care products for several years, but was never informed or paid. [NYPost]


• Dick Van Dyke just married his makeup artist Arlene Silver, who’s 46 years his junior. [E!]


• MTV Style tested Madonna’s perfume around the office, and it didn’t get very good reviews. “It smells like you’re on your way to grandmahood, like you’re not quite there, but there’s a hint that you’re heading in the right direction,” said one employee. Another noted: “It makes me think of food and grandma. But not Chanel grandma, more like Pennsylvania grandma.” [MTV Style]


• A new skin-care line called Willa targets girls ages 7 to 14. [Styleite]

• Emma Watson doles out beauty advice: “My top tip to keep my skin gorgeous… keeping my stress levels down… eg. Doing things that make me happy. (being happy sorts out most problems).” [Teen Vogue]

Minaj Covers Allure; Emma Watson’s Top Skin Tip