Why Phoebe Philo’s Maternity Choices Make Her Even More Popular

Phoebe Philo.
Phoebe Philo. Photo: Gareth Cattermole/2010 Getty Images

Celine announced back in January that they’d canceled their fall 2012 show due to designer Phoebe Philo’s pregnancy (she’s due in April). Instead, Philo will host a presentation in Paris on Sunday. While some have questioned the label’s decision to forgo a fashion show (and all the hype that comes with it), many women feel even more attached to the brand because of it. A piece in yesterday’s Times quotes over a dozen working professional women who swear by Philo’s designs — indeed, the article basically reads like a list of women gushing about their Celine wardrobes — partly because they relate to her desire to balance motherhood with her career.

From the Times:

“Phoebe Philo at Céline creates a collection each season that is about building a wardrobe rather than focusing on throwaway trends. I think, as a working woman (and mum), she really has that ability to resonate with what women want to wear.” —Katie Bain, 29, show manager at the British Fashion Council

“Phoebe Philo has never made a bad move, including her decision to take time off at the height of her success to dedicate herself to work that to many of us women is much more important than anything else: maternity. At Céline, it didn’t take long for her to seduce women with her work, for she is one of us.” —Vanessa Caputo, 41, editor-in-chief of Petits Luxes Magazine

“I’m seduced by the sense of it being the vision of a strong woman who has created a fashion moment, who wonderfully negotiated working from London because that’s where her family is and who has decided not to do a runway show this season because of her pregnancy.” —Agata Belcen, 28, the fashion editor at Another Magazine

And the list goes on, but you get it: Philo’s commitment to her family — even when it cuts into her work time — is great for her brand. (We can’t say the same for Snooki — at least not yet.) 

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