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See Jean Paul Gaultier’s Second (Creepy) Diet Coke Video

For his new role as the Creative Director at Diet Coke, Jean Paul Gaultier appears in a series of videos starring himself as “The Serial Designer,” a character who comes to the rescue of hapless, badly-dressed marionettes. The latest installation features Bernadette, a puppet who has a nightmare that she’s too hungover to go to a job interview. Luckily, Gaultier appears in her dream just in time to zip her into a nice stripy Gaultier dress and send her on her way. (There’s a creepy moment when he’s slyly removing her bathrobe and you’re like, “Oh God, this can’t be happening! Not the puppet!” But don’t worry, he’s just undressing her so that he can put her in a better outfit.) Anyway, Bernadette recounts her dream to her shrink — also played by Gaultier — who hopefully tells her she might have a drinking problem.

See Gaultier’s Second (Creepy) Diet Coke Video