Photographer Roe Ethridge on Shooting for Dazed & Confused, Kenzo, and Goldman Sachs

Photo: Roe Ethridge/Artist Commissions

American photographer Roe Ethridge became a recognizable force in the fine art world with his serene but subversive portraits, still lifes, and landscapes. He often re-contextualizes and multi-layers images — sometimes his own, sometimes from the web, and once a laundry detergent ad he picked up from a grocery store in Williamsburg — to say something new about them.

Ethridge easily transitioned into fashion, which he calls “the most rarefied heir of commercial photography.” He recently shot Kenzo’s spring 2012 campaign and Dazed & Confused’s March cover, and a large survey of his work will go up at Le Consortium in Dijon, France, next month. We sat down with the man, the legend in his Brooklyn studio to discuss some of his well-known works. Click through the slideshow to read his explanation of each picture.

Photographer Roe Ethridge