Surfer in Chanel’s New Ad Does Not Use Chanel Surfboard

Step aside, Baptiste Giabiconi (and into the arms of Katy Perry, because we can’t not watch) — the house of Chanel has found its next perfectly-pectoraled man model. Meet Danny Fuller, a late-20s, established surfer from Kauai, Hawaii, who dragged himself to a casting for the brand’s Allure Homme Sport Eau Extrême* cologne last year and somehow landed the gig. He doesn’t recount meeting Kaiser Karl, who presumably wasn’t on location and certainly didn’t sign off on Fuller’s RVCA boardshorts and non-Chanel surfboard. What a missed opportunity, if there’s ever been one! Fuller was rewarded handsomely for the experience, saying he made “a lot more than $40k … my kids will be going to private schools now.”

*Only to be uttered in hushed tones.

Surfer in Chanel Ad Doesn’t Use Chanel Surfboard