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Video: See Top Model Hopefuls Dressed As Michelle Obama, Margaret Thatcher

Last night’s Top Model premiere did not disappoint. This cycle pits American models against British Top Model alumnae, and the first episode included rampant patriotism, a crazed runway walk-off, temporary lip tattoos in U.K. and U.S. flag patterns, and yes, subtitles for many of the British contestants. Oh, and a 3-D photo shoot. After the girls were styled (poorly) as iconic figures from their respective homelands, they were shot by 60 cameras from every awkward angle as they bounced on mini-trampolines. Those icons included Elton John, Scary Spice, Jackie Kennedy, and Princess Diana — but no Kate Middleton, disappointingly. An indication of this cycle’s caliber: faux-Michelle Obama (carrying Lady Liberty’s torch, for some reason) won best photo this week. See highlights from the season premiere in our video.

Top Model Hopefuls Dressed As MObama, Thatcher