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Video: See Top Model Hopefuls Get Panned by a Predictably Nasty Focus Group

On last night’s Top Model, the eleven remaining hopefuls filmed hokey, fake commercials shilling nonsensical products, before a theatrically villainous focus group offered lots of nasty — and in one awkward instance, quite racist — feedback. The models were shocked; the models were tearful; the models were angry. Challenge: successful … well, at least successful-ish. The week’s photoshoot saw them styled with fascinators (no members of the British royal family were available to cameo, go figure) and posing in front of lots of classic American sports cars. American model Candace was eliminated for her inability to offer more than one facial expression to the camera, and probably also because Tyra likely wants to keep the balance of U.K. and U.S. models even for as long as possible. After all, nobody’s slapped a competitor with a soggy teabag or some chili cheese–covered freedom fries yet.

See Top Model Hopefuls Panned by a Focus Group