Video Exclusive: Bianca Balti in Salvatore Ferragamo’s The Signorina Story

To celebrate its new scent, Signorina, Salvatore Ferragamo threw a star-studded dinner at Julian Schnabel’s Palazzo Chupi earlier this week, hosted by model and face of the fragrance Bianca Balti. “I immediately thought of Bianca Balti when it came to deciding who should represent the new fragrance,” says the label’s designer, Massimiliano Giornetti. “Bianca, a dear friend, is a strikingly beautiful woman, but one with a well-defined personality and sensibility — strong and determined but with a typically Italian natural sensuality.” To coincide with the launch, director Phil Pinto filmed The Signorina Story, a fashion short (shot all in one day!) that chronicles Balti’s getting ready for the big fête. (Expect to see shopping, chauffeurs, and other glamorous things.) Enjoy and look out for the full film, which goes live on Monday, at

Video: Bianca Balti in The Signorina Story