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Video: See Top Model Hopefuls Eating Haggis

Continuing with its U.S. vs. U.K. theme, last night’s Top Model saw the contestants forced to eat stereotypically gross foods from their competitors’ home country. For the Americans, the platter included haggis, Marmite, and sardines; the Brits were faced with dishes like grits, pigs’ feet, and peanut butter. Surprise, surprise: Neither country’s models liked the other one’s snacks.

Later in the episode, the girls got ridiculous “shakeovers,” since the term “makeover” is no longer capable of conveying the hairy madness Top Model foists upon its contestants. These included red, white, and blue hair (representing the American flag, but — awkwardly — the British one, too) and the letters “A-N-T-M” shaved into one girl’s head. Clearly, a branded buzz-cut is exactly what Vogue Italia is looking for.