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Video: See Top Model Hopefuls Tremble in Front of Kelly Cutrone

Kelly Cutrone beefed up her presence on last night’s Top Model, hosting a challenge for the models and scaring the bejeesus calories out of most of them in the process. (She’s only trying to help, you see!) Split again by the color of their passports, the U.S. and U.K. models each teamed up to produce the entirety of their photoshoots. As you might have guessed, the results were almost all pretty terrible.

It didn’t seem like Kelly liked any of the hopefuls, but she clashed with feisty British model Louise in particular, and their feud continued into the episode’s panel. After some tart back-and-forth banter, Louise stormed out and quit the competition, crying noisily in the street and threatening poor Kelly with bodily harm — in other words, the closing time scenes outside most British nightclubs transplanted to mid-afternoon downtown Los Angeles. This is probably exactly the sort of cultural exchange Top Model hoped for.

Video: See Top Model Hopefuls Trembling