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Roberto Cavalli Should Probably Count to Ten Before Sending His Next Tweet

One, two, three ...
One, two, three … Photo: The Image Gate/Getty Images

Before, likely during, and after calling American fashion “almost fashion” in an interview with D — La Repubblica last week, Roberto Cavalli has been busy micro-blogging, asking his Twitter followers whether they prefer their sex “in the day time or in the night” and what kind of men they like (“intelligent and ugly or….. beautiful and stupid”) — both accompanied by the same picture of the designer leaning back on a bridge smoking a cigar — and also providing musings such as, “I would like to speak with the animals….I would like to know what they think about us !!!” (Attached image: Cavalli kissing a rather reluctant-looking monkey.) Over the weekend, the designer went on a bit of a rant, in 140-character-long bursts, about the current state of the industry and the sole American designer he likes, and he even threw another jab at his favorite punching bag, Anna Wintour. It all started on Saturday morning.

5:38 a.m. I canot speak with you anymore. Many silly fashion site … Wont to close my mouth. I dont want to be part of this mafia fashion system !

5:42 a.m. Fashion…is a big machine of money !! no creativity anymore ! In 50 years the books of fashion … THEY DONT HAVE NATHING TO SAY ABOUT US

9:10 a.m. Sorry, I canot do anythink against that, I dont have the power of the bigest They are buying the market of fashion !! like the politic

9:13 a.m. where is the franch fashion ? No one disigner is franch…….in the franch brands, English…American….. italian ….

9:20 a.m. THE ONLY AMERICAN DESIGNER THAT I LIKE IS MARC JACOBS…! but …just in the Marc Jacobs show !!! Louis Vuitton show is for old ladys

9:23 a.m. The italian fashion is the most creative !! and Dolce e Gabbana are the best !!| The italian fashion is book of all the world disigners

9:29 a.m. I canot use twitter …just to wish GOOD MORNING or GOOD NIGHT To my friends…… I am not silly and banal !! I love to say my thoughts

9:39 a.m. I love the fantasy and the creativity in fashion and in any other designer …. I am old… I done my best, the fashion is in my DNA

9:44 a.m. I confide you a secret… Anna Wintur das nt come to see my show in Milano ……. Why ?? becouse I dont do publicity in American Vogue ??

Cavalli is simply expressing himself (it’s the broken English and creative capitalization that make his tweets read more like ransom notes), and he makes several possibly valid points. But sometimes it’s best to step away from the iPhone, take a good look in the mirror at your mirrored sunglasses, and get some fresh air. By a bridge that you can lean on. With a cigar in your mouth.

Cavalli Should Count to Ten Before Tweeting