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Americans Spent $10.4 Billion on Plastic Surgery Last Year; Mascara Is the Most-Loved Makeup Item

Liya Kebede for <em>Harper’s Bazaar</em> Spain.
Liya Kebede for Harper’s Bazaar Spain.


Maria Sharapova posted a picture of herself wearing a cropped wig on her Facebook page, tricking fans into thinking she’d cut her long locks. [People StyleWatch]

Liya Kebede has red hair on the May cover of Harper’s Bazaar Spain. [Fashion Gone Rogue]

Blogger Peony Lim on her “mane accessory”: “It is the finishing touch, and you have to make your hair work for your outfit and the overall silhouette of what you are wearing. Your hair can make or break an outfit.” [Fashionista]


Americans spent a whopping $10.4 billion on cosmetic surgery in the last year. [HuffPo]


Erin Heatherton described her ideal summer fragrance: “You want something that’s fresh, and light, and not something that’s too heavy. You want it to be refreshing, to make you smell nice. Not make you smell gross [when you sweat].” [BeautyHigh]


Legislation hoping to strengthen federal oversight of the cosmetics industry was introduced in the House of Representatives yesterday. [WWD]

Laura Mercier shared her makeup tips: “Don’t make the mistake of using blush like a bronzer; they are different. The bronzer can be applied anywhere the sun hits you; it should mimic a tan. If you do that with blush, well … don’t. [T Magazine]

In a survey conducted by BellaSugar, 37 percent of women said mascara was their favorite makeup item, with concealer coming in second. The least-used product was blush, which only six percent liked best. [BellaSugar]

Cost of Plastic Surgery; Mascara Is Favorite