Girls Fashion Recap: Getting to Know Them

Photo: HBO

HBO’s new show Girls premiered last night, and the costumes were just as gritty (and at times unglamorous) as promised. Hannah kicked off the episode at dinner with her parents in a vintage dress — a perfect nod to the way certain Brooklyn girls “dress up” like versions of their moms from the eighties. She then goes to sleep with her roommate, Marnie, both in T-shirts, while we endure the omnipresence of Marnie’s cardigan-clad boyfriend. Bohemian Jessa arrives straight from a Parisian adventure on the doorstep of her pink tracksuit-wearing cousin Shoshanna, telling us everything we need to know about the differences between them. Worst of all (but most hilariously), we suffer through Hannah’s humiliation while she lies face-down on a couch, trying to remove her tights before her love interest returns with the lube. Click through our slideshow for a scene-by-scene analysis of each look.