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Michelle Obama Becomes Biggest Loser Contestant’s ‘Firstie’

Michelle Obama made her second appearance on The Biggest Loser last night, hosting the contestants at the White House for a serious sweat session. She told the cameras, “I don’t know if I’m ready for a workout, but I will make a complete fool out of myself if it means that more children and families get excited about that idea of incorporating nutrition and fitness into their lives.” The Losers were, of course, totally pumped, with Buddy narrating, she “comes in and I throw it out there and see if I can get a little fist-bump and she’s just right there and, you know, I blew it up. Me and Michelle — I’m going to call her my ‘firstie,’ you know, like my bestie, but that’s my firstie — that’s my Michelle Obama.” Kim called the experience “like working out with a friend” … which it sounds like it was, with the First Lady’s commentary such as: “He’s so mean” (referring to trainer Bob Harper); “Why are you standing by me?” (again, Bob); “Get away from me” (likely Bob); and, “We just did these” (some sort of heel-stretch-meets-push-up). No pain, no gain, firstie!