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FDA Releases New Sunscreen Guidelines; Plastic Surgery for Migraines Gaining Popularity

Kate Moss for Dior Addict Extreme.
Kate Moss for Dior Addict Extreme.


• See Kate Moss’s latest images for the Dior Addict Extreme campaign. [Design Scene]


• The FDA released new guidelines for labeling sun-protection products, including cosmetics with sunscreen, which will take effect June 18. [WSJ]


• Scientists are trying to find an alternative to ambergris, an expensive ingredient used in perfume, also known as whale vomit. [AFP]


• A new procedure that uses plastic surgery techniques to alleviate migraine pain is catching on among longtime sufferers. [Boston Globe]


• A Department of Toxic Substances Control report in California determined that some nail polishes commonly advertised as being chemical-free actually have high levels of agents known to cause birth defects. [AP]

• Here’s a set of nail polishes that come in a Rubik’s Cube. [SheFinds]

 • A nonprofit group in Queens is planning to conduct a citywide survey of manicurists to reveal issues such as low pay, long hours, and safety hazards in salons. [NYDN]

New SPF Guidelines; Plastic Surgery for Migraines