Pippa and the Gun: The Middletons’ Very First Scandal

Pippa Middleton was just having a nice, normal weekend in Paris when she popped by a fancy costume party for fashion label owner Arthur de Soultrait (yes, the Daily Mail has pictures of her silly outfit) and then tootled around in an Audi convertible with three handsome gentlemen on Sunday. But then the driver of her car pulled out a gun (whether it’s real remains unknown) and pointed it at one of the paparazzi trailing behind them, much to the amusement of Pippa and their fellow passengers. Et voilà! The first major Middleton scandal was born.

The French photographer on the other end of the gun sold photos and video of the incident to British newspaper The Sun, who also reported that the Paris Judicial Police department is “poised” to launch an investigation of the incident. If charged with illegal use of a handgun in public, all four people in the car could reportedly face up to seven years in prison, or two years if the gun turns out to be fake. The Sun’s royal editor, Duncan Larcombe, said this morning that the photographer has yet to file a formal police complaint.

Regardless of whether the police decide to investigate or not, this looks bad for Pippa, and it marks the first major misstep on the part of the Middleton family. Because Pippa isn’t officially part of the Royal Family, the Palace won’t comment on the incident. 

Pippa and the Gun: The Middletons’ First Scandal