Slideshow: Pregnant Celebrities Who Refuse to Stop Wearing Heels

Recording artist/actress Jessica Simpson attends the 25th Annual Footwear News Achievement Awards at the Museum of Modern Art on November 29, 2011 in New York City. Photo: Mike Coppola/Getty Images

As an homage to Jessica Simpson’s endless gestation (and since we’re sure she tottered right into Labor and Delivery in six-inch platforms), we’ve compiled a slideshow of pregnant celebrities who refuse to throw in the towel and wear flat shoes. The comfort of high heels is questionable under any circumstances, and as Beyoncé will attest, they can be very hard on the feet. The arguments against heels during pregnancy usually amount to (1) you’re more likely to fall and harm two people instead of one, (2) heels put undue pressure on your lower back, leading to lower-back pain, and (3) feet can change up to two sizes during pregnancy, which means having to buy all new shoes unless you plan to really suffer by stuffing your swollen toes into pointy pumps. Since most famous moms-to-be aren’t commuting to work on the subway and can surely afford some prenatal massages, as well as all the shoes they want, they have little reason to worry. Still, we wish they had the luxury of taking a nine-month break and just relaxing a bit. Click through our slideshow to see Jessica Alba, Natalie Portman, Miranda Kerr, and more as they and their bellies prance around town.

Pregnant Celebs Who Refuse to Stop Wearing Heels