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Sarah Palin Avoided a Wardrobe Repeat on Today, Went ‘All Johnny Cash’ Instead

For her first day of awkward hosting banter, Sarah Palin revealed that she almost wore a different outfit to take her seat in studio 1A. She told Matt Lauer, “Yeah, I wasn’t going to go all Johnny Cash on you, but what I showed up to wear, Matt, happens to be the same jacket, the pink jacket, from the consignment shop that I had worn in an interview with you almost four years ago,” when the pair discussed what went wrong after the 2008 election. Could it be that some outfits are better left unrepeated? “I watched the clip last night,” she went on. “I said, ‘Todd, what the heck am I going to wear? They’re going to think I have nothing else to wear.’” The Today show gang ate up the anecdote and even offered up some of Palin’s beauty secrets. FYI: “Her lipstick of choice is a L’Oreal nude lipliner with a bit of Carmex.” Just like us.

Sarah Palin Avoided a Wardrobe Repeat on Today