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Stacey Bendet Hates Toe Cleavage

Stacey Bendet, toe cleavage hater.
Stacey Bendet, toe cleavage hater. Photo: Clint Spaulding/?? Patrick McMullan

Stacey Bendet needed no encouragement to start ranting about toe cleavage at a screening of ABC’s new comedy, “Don’t Trust the B in Apt 23,” on Tuesday night. “I’m like, that’s not sexy. Who wants to show their toe? Show a little ass; show some cleavage, but toe crack? I don’t understand that. I’ve had this conversation with shoe buyers,” she said. What is just the right amount of toe? “If you’re wearing a pump, I like for it to come to the start of your toes, so you see foot and ankle but you don’t see toe crack.”