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New Studies Show That Your Spending Habits Say a Lot About How Cool You Are

She probably sucks.
She probably sucks. Photo: Bloomberg/2012 Bloomberg

Do you ever look at a pair of shoes and think, “I could either buy this, or have two nice dinners out”? (Or, back in college, “this shirt equals X number of beers”?) Well, according to a new study, choosing to spend your money on experiences like trips, meals, or concerts rather than material things probably means you’re not only happier, but a generally cooler person. Reports the Times:

According to a recent psychology study, people who spent money on food, travel and other experiences tend to be more extroverted and adventurous than those who spent their money on material things. Another study found that materialistic buyers were less happy, and even less liked, than experiential consumers.

The latter of the two studies, conducted at the University of Colorado, concluded that experiential buyers are perceived as more fun:

Participants said they found the experiential shoppers more charismatic and wanted to spend time with them. By comparison, they found the materialistic shoppers shallow.

So if you’re a shallow, unhappy, materialistic person, you’re likely to be stuck hanging out with people like yourself (or no one at all). On a positive note, at least you probably look nice.

Studies Show Spending Habits Reflect Personality