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Tavi Sings Some More — This Time for Wren

In February, Tavi Gevinson made her singing debut in front of an audience of fashion bloggers and friends with a performance of Neil Young’s “Heart of Gold” at the Standard East Village. Now the Rookie editor is back, bursting (as much as a non-Glee teenager will burst) into song for Wren’s fall 2012 collection and footwear collaboration with Minnetonka. A very blonde Tavi clacks on a typewriter, stares wistfully out a window, strums her guitar, and ties scarves around trees — all activities we’d imagine she might do IRL — while chanting Dory Previn’s “Beware of Young Girls.” Of course, Tavi managed to score some swag, recently blogging a picture of herself wearing the crimson coat featured in the clip.