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This Cycle’s Top Model Hopefuls Got to Make Music Videos Again

This week’s episode of America’s Next Top Model sees the nine remaining contestants shooting music videos. Continuing the cycle’s “British Invasion” theme far past the point at which it’s retained any relevance, the girls are broken down by country and forced to work on dueling ditties — and here’s an exclusive first look at the U.S. girls’ work. It’s a terrible, low-rent pastiche of video-vixen clichés that makes last season’s All Stars look like, well, semi-realistic artists; somehow, even the shouting is off-key. But that’s half the fun when it comes to Top Model, and, yes, there are a few quick mentions of “pot ledom” in the verses. Watch and enjoy, if only for the fact that you know for sure you could do better — and then make sure to catch Wednesday night’s show to see how this compares to the British models’ best take.

Top Model’s Hopefuls Make Music Videos Again