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Are You Wondering Why We Haven’t Seen ‘Jenna’s Picks’ Lately?

Jenna Lyons.
Jenna Lyons. Photo: Jamie McCarthy/2010 Getty Images

Has your in-box been looking empty lately? Do you stare off into space sometimes, wondering how to fill the void left by an absence of J.Crew’s frequent e-mail blasts about Jenna Lyons’s impeccable sweater choices and current obsession with hydrangeas? Well, it turns out that “Jenna’s Picks” is “currently on hiatus.” Reports Business of Fashion:

J.Crew isn’t afraid to take a real stylistic point of view, most famously with ‘Jenna’s Picks,’ a wildly successful section in the company’s catalogue and website — currently on hiatus — featuring products hand-picked by Lyons. [Says Lyons,] “It was totally not my idea, just for the record. It was actually the person who ran marketing at the time, who’s no longer here, and wanted to do something that felt a little bit more personal. We were trying to make people feel like there was a selection of things.”

In the meantime, J.Crew seems to be diversifying their tastemakers, introducing picks from fashion director Gayle Spannaus and other stylish, orangey-lipstick-wearing staffers who offer tips on “borrowing from the boys” and other Lyons-y pearls of wisdom. (Of course, let’s not kid ourselves: The e-mails we’re most likely to open are the ones titled “30 percent off + free shipping.”)

Why Haven’t We Seen ‘Jenna’s Picks’ Lately?