Slideshow: Proof That Will and Kate Have Achieved Marital Bliss Ahead of Their One-Year Anniversary

Photo: George Pimentel/Getty Images

Prince William and Kate Middleton celebrate their one-year wedding anniversary on Sunday! Yes, it’s really been one whole year since that royal-wedding madness happened — when the fashion world gasped in awe of that Alexander McQueen lace gown, others gasped at Pippa’s butt, and Grace Van Cutsem, the flower girl, plugged her ears in protest. Since then, we’ve seen numerous public outings, a Falklands tour of duty by Will, a speech by the duchess, and lots of pretty dresses, fascinators, and practical pumps, all of which contributed to the Kate Middleton Effect.

It’s been said that the first year of nuptials is the hardest, and living it out in the public eye probably doesn’t make it any easier. But in a full twelve months, did Kate make even one royal misstep? No. (Although Pippa’s covered that territory for her.) Did Will’s eyes ever wander? No. Why? Well, based on a physiological analysis of the year in photos, it’s clear that the couple is simply still very much in love, as evidenced in repeated “mirroring” behavior. Mirroring refers to the habit of mimicking another person’s actions. It shows a strong affinity among people, and studies (yes, actual scientific studies) have shown that successful couples are all about the mirroring.

And so, as Kate and Will approach their one-year anniversary, here’s a look back at moments when they’ve mimed each others movements, gestures, and facial expressions, further proving that they are indeed the perfect couple — but we already knew that.

Will and Kate’s One-Year Anniversary