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Aquascutum Officially Sold; Sasha Pivovarova Gets Her Nude Pregnant Portrait

Claire Danes for <em>Harper's Bazaar</em> Russia.
Claire Danes for Harper’s Bazaar Russia. Photo: TBC/Harper’s Bazaar Russia

• All’s well that end’s well: Aquascutum has officially been sold to its Asian licensee YGM. [Vogue UK]

• Sasha Pivovarova joins the naked-and-pregnant-portrait club. [Fashionologie]

• Claire Danes wears a car-covered Prada ensemble for June’s Harper’s Bazaar Russia. [Design Scene]

• The anonymous bloggers behind Fuck Yeah Menswear have been outed as Lawrence Schlossman, associate editor at Complex, and Dreamworks Pictures’ Kevin Burrows. [Observer]

• The author behind Suri’s Burn Book was also unmasked yesterday; it’s Allie Hagan, a 25-year-old employee at a D.C. consulting firm. You mean that wasn’t Suri the entire time? [Refinery29]

Giorgio Armani revealed his official uniforms for the Italian National Olympic Team today. And in other Olympic apparel news, Stella McCartney announced yesterday that she’s making an Olympic Villagewear collection that the public will be able to buy, if you’re into that sort of thing. [Vogue UK]

• Nina Dobrev told Conan O’Brien that she had to be cut out of her Met Ball gown to use les toilettes. “They had to literally sew me into it, so that everything fit perfectly. And it was great, it was beautiful, but … At a certain point, you gotta go. I tried to hold it in for so long.” [Elle]

• Karl Lagerfeld tweeted a picture of his kitten Choupette fussing with an iPad. She was either playing Angry Birds or drafting important e-mails to the Chanel design team ahead of its Cruise show. [Twitter]

• Vogue India is creating its own Fashion Fund initiative to promote the businesses of young Indian designers. [FT]

• Nicole Richie is accused of copying a dress by the label Odylyne as part of her Winter Kate spring 2012 line. [


Aquascutum Sold; Pivovarova’s Pregnant Portrait