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At Least Cameron Diaz’s Met Gala Dress Didn’t Weigh the Full 30 Pounds

Cameron Diaz stopped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday and the host held up a photograph of the actress’s Costume Institute Gala attire. She remarked, “That was a 22-pound dress … it was heavy,” to which Jimmy responded, “So, combined weight was about 44 pounds.” Oh Jimmy, you slay us. Cameron went on, “It was rhinestones, all of those are, like, rhinestones … just strips and strips of rhinestones, and Stella [McCartney] and I had talked about what we wanted to do, we went back and forth about the design of it … But she said, Let’s do embroidery, and I was like, Okay. And she sends me this e-mail on Friday, like, Babe, your dress might be a little heavy, and I put it on on Saturday for the last alteration and it’s 30 pounds! We managed to cut eight pounds out of that dress.”

Cameron Diaz’s Met Gala Dress Weighed 22 Pounds