Chris Burch Ex-Employee Says He Was Fired for Not Being Gay

Chris Burch.
Chris Burch. Photo: Donald Bowers/WireImage

Chris Burch ex-employee Jamie Ardigo is suing his former boss for $1 million on charges of “discrimination based on sexual orientation,” reports the Post. According to the lawsuit, Burch openly told his staffers that he “only hired gay men because they were productive and he trusted them.” Ardigo, who is straight, worked in human resources for the company and says he was fired in February after he complained about Burch’s discriminatory hiring practices. He now claims that he was a victim of his ex-boss’s alleged anti-straight attitude.

Of course, Burch (who, if it matters, is presumably straight himself, having been married to Tory Burch) denies all the allegations. His lawyer Brian S. Cousin tells the Post, “The defendants deny the allegations of discrimination and retaliation set forth in the complaint and are prepared to mount a vigorous defense.” 

Burch Ex-Employee Fired for Not Being Gay?