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Fresh-Faced Elizabeth Banks Covers Allure; Snooki Gives Up Tanning

Elizabeth Banks for <em>Allure</em>.
Elizabeth Banks for Allure. Photo: Norman Jean Roy/Allure


• A fresh-faced Elizabeth Banks covers the June issue of Allure magazine. [Just Jared]

• Into the Gloss interviewed Shop Ghost’s Stevie Dance about her makeup habits: “I’m really into a holistic approach: I’m really into diet, I’m really into acupuncture; I practice transcendental meditation. I think it’s the inner workings of yourself that can make you look beautiful, feel beautiful. It’s only recently, like the last two months, that I started wearing makeup, which is probably absurd.” [Into the Gloss]

• And then Stevie Dance interviewed Emily Weiss of Into the Gloss: “I get inspired by beauty that is not the norm of needing to look perfect. That’s a very Americanized notion of needing to have a full face of makeup on and have your hair blown out … I’m about doing whatever suits you — don’t try and be someone else.” [Shop Ghost]

• Writer Stephanie LaCava opened up her makeup bag for Beauty Banter. [Beauty Banter]


• Coty withdrew its $10.7 billion takeover bid for Avon. [WWD]

• Snooki says she hasn’t gone tanning since last August because she’s pregnant. [E!]


• Turns out side bangs won’t give you a lazy eye. Long live fringe! [MSNBC]

Heidi Klum discusses the perils of hair care in the modeling industry: “I’ve been doing this job for 18 years now and there have definitely been some dye jobs that weren’t as good. You know, for example, there was a time when I was really platinum blond. They kept the peroxide on for too long and it literally fried my hair off — I looked like I had a little pineapple on top of my head! That took awhile to grow out.” [Elle]


• The New York Times writes that pedicurists from Nepal often struggle with their jobs at first, as they typically touch only their husbands’ or parents’ feet as a sign of their respect. [NYT]

Elizabeth Banks Covers Allure; Snooki Tanning