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Jean Paul Gaultier Admits That Wearing Tuxedo Shorts to Cannes Was a Mistake

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The designer and Cannes juror stopped by the Today show this morning, and Ann Curry started a little conversation about French style. Gaultier said Catherine Deneuve and Marion Cotillard, in particular, “have a kind of elegance and feeling good in themselves. You know, maybe it’s also the movement. But sometimes the French can make also mistakes — women, but men, too. Me, for example, two times, I have been refused at the Festival de Cannes.” NO! “Yes! First time, I was in a tuxedo but with shorts. Black. And second time I was with a kilt with tuxedo. Refused again. But the third time, I came with Madonna — I was in bed with Madonna … she was like my passport, so I got through it.” 

Gaultier Says Tuxedo Shorts at Cannes a Mistake