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Buump’s ‘Relationship Bracelets’ Tell Others Whether You’re Single, Married, or ‘It’s Complicated’

Cut to the chase.
Cut to the chase. Photo: Charlotte Cowles

Today, as we were sitting around the office feeling sorry for ourselves for not having a half-day to frolic off to our long weekend destinations, an intriguing package arrived in the mail. It was labeled “Buump: the relationship bracelets,” and contained two plastic packets full of rubber bracelets that resembled a hybrid of Livestrong and Silly Bandz. We defer to France-based Buump’s press release to explain their significance.

Just in time for Facebook’s IPO, Buump Relationship Status bracelets — which are inspired by the Facebook relationship status setting on a personal profile — will hit the US market in the Spring of 2012.

After making a successful splash at New York City Fashion Week and being worn by the likes of reality star Kristin Cavallari and designer Betsey Johnson, the popular accessory best known for its European following is coming to the US.

Targeting 13 to 35 year olds, these pliable silicon bracelets come in 10 lively colors of two different types: one that defines your current relationship status, and one that states what you’re looking for. By collecting and combining them in different ways, these bracelets enable people to take their online status into the real world.

So, for example, you can wear a two-bracelet combo that shows that you’re “in an open relationship” and looking for “whatever I can get,” or “married” but looking for “fun.” (In other news, isn’t it weird that they’re not targeting 35-and-overs or 13-and-unders? Those seem like ripe demographics for rubber-bracelet gimmicks.) Anyway, our Memorial Day weekend prospects just got a lot more exciting! 

Introducing Buump’s ‘Relationship Bracelets’