party lines

Party Lines: January Jones, Emma Roberts, Mickey Boardman, and More at Shops at Target Launch

What does Paper editor Mickey Boardman stockpile at Target? “I’m obsessed with Crest’s oral-hygiene rinse,” he exclaimed at last night’s launch party for the Shops at Target, held in the IAC Building. “Alcohol-free. I get, like, gallon jugs of it. I’m obsessed with it! I’m really into the oral-hygiene rinse right now.” Meanwhile, he’s particularly excited about Target’s new collaboration with the Candy Store. “Hello, I love candy. That reminds me — I have to go to the dentist.” And speaking of candy, January Jones weighed in on “Fat” Betty: “She’s not fat, she’s just bigger.” Click through the slideshow to see Theophilus London, Lauren Bush Lauren, Giada de Laurentiis, and more.

January Jones, Emma Roberts at Shops at Target