Jennifer Lopez’s Tour Wardrobe Will Be Designed by Zuhair Murad, Guaranteeing a Spectacular Showing of Tight, Sparkly Getups

Just like these! Plus, a cape.
Just like these! Plus, a cape. Photo: Getty Images

Jennifer Lopez announced yesterday that Zuhair Murad is designing all the outfits for her concert tour this summer. Yes, that guy! The one who designed J.Lo’s half-nip-slip dress for the Oscars, as well as the majority of tight, sparkly, and otherwise outlandish things she’s worn in recent years. So, get excited for glittery jumpsuits, flesh-colored body stockings, endless amounts of double-sided tape, and even … yes, a cape! “There is a cape planned for the show,” J.Lo tells People. “It’s not a Wonder Woman cape. You’ll have to come to the show to see it.” Wait, not a Wonder Woman cape? Well, screw that, then.

Zuhair Murad to Design J.Lo’s Tour Outfits