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Kate Upton Just Wants a Nice, Non-Smelly Horse-Lover

Because Kate Upton apparently has a superhuman ability to be in front of five different cameras at once, she dispensed dating tips for “It just doesn’t work if he smells bad,” she says of her dating prospects. Should you be looking to win her affections: Don’t use pickup lines (“I’ll just walk away and forget about you. I block them out”), and don’t think it’s weird that she loves horses. And speaking of Kate and dating, a rumor is floating around that she paid for a $25,000 ticket to the Costume Institute Gala with her very own money. This seems unlikely for several reasons: (1) She’s in the catalogue for the exhibit, so she’s already got her foot in the door, and (2) plenty of fancy designers are clamoring to dress her these days, so she can’t be hard-pressed to find a date.

Kate Upton Just Wants a Non-Smelly Horse-Lover