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Video: Kate Upton Dances to ‘Cat Daddy’ in a String Bikini, Courtesy of Terry Richardson

Sometimes on sleepy Tuesdays, after we’ve been stuck deliberating exactly what species Ann Romney is wearing on her shirt for the better part of the afternoon, a perfect nugget of Internet gold appears in the muddy sieve that is our news feed. Usually these gleaming items include some form of nudity (or at least a hefty dose of side-boob), hot people (or just one hot person), and — not by coincidence — Terry Richardson. This video has all of the above, in the form of Kate Upton dancing to “Cat Daddy” in the world’s most enormous bikini (sort of like this video, only more naked). Seriously, you can barely see any skin and her boobs don’t bounce around in slow motion at all.

Update: This video was banned from YouTube for sexual content, but lucky for you, Terry re-posted it on his blog.

Look, Kate Upton’s String Bikini Cat Daddy Video