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Let’s Talk About Ann Romney’s Bird Shirt [Updated]

Let’s take a break from analyzing Ann Romney’s “wild and crazy man” comments on this morning’s Early Show to focus on something much weirder: that fish bird on her shirt.* We’re not experts (clearly, because at first we thought it was a fish, not a bird), but it appears to be some sort of seagull flying towards her armpit. Upon closer examination, it’s this garment from Reed Krakoff’s spring 2012 collection (no word on whether she also wore the matching pants). Now, what could this possibly mean? You don’t just throw on a bird shirt for a national television appearance without some sort of agenda. Perhaps she’s going after Portlandia fans, or maybe it’s an obscure nod to the U.S. Air Force academy. Or! Could this be a reference to “bird,” as in British slang for getting fired? Discuss.

* Yes, we thought it was a fish at first. A trout, specifically. But really, with its beak hidden in her armpit like that, can you blame us?

Let’s Talk About Ann Romney’s Bird Shirt