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Lucky Breaks a World Record; Benefit and Marvel Create a Superhero

SpyGal, the new superhero created by Benefit Cosmetics and Marvel.
SpyGal, the new superhero created by Benefit Cosmetics and Marvel. Photo: Benefit Cometics/ Marvel Comics


According to research from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, half of young adults have gotten at least one sunburn in the last year. [HuffPo]

H&M apologized for using a super-tan model in its newest ads. “We are sorry if we have upset anyone with our latest swimwear campaign,” the company wrote in an e-mail. “It was not our intention to show off a specific ideal or to encourage dangerous behaviour, but was instead to show off our latest summer collection.” [AFP via NYDN]

Elizabeth Arden is completely revamping its business. [WWD]

The EU Court of Justice rejected L’Oréal’s request to register trademarks like “Botolist” and “Botocyl” because they sound too similar to Botox. [Bloomberg]


Of her hair-care routine, Heidi Klum said: “I’m more wash and wear. I just go in the shower, wash and condition [my hair] and just let it air dry.” And to switch up her look: “I put my hair behind my ears and I let it dry like that, so when I take it out it has a little bit of a wave.” [StyleWatch/People]


Lucky magazine broke the world record for most makeovers performed in 24 hours, performing 403 on the set of Good Morning America. The makeup artists used 95 lipsticks and glosses, 35 blushes and bronzers, 60 eyeshadows, and 1,500 Q-tips. [Lucky]

Benefit Cosmetics and Marvel created the first beauty-inspired superhero, SpyGal. [MTV Style]

Lucky Breaks World Record; Benefit and Marvel