Mad Men Fashion Recap: Introducing Hungry Betty and Actress Megan

Photo: Jordin Althaus/AMC

There were lots of outfit changes in last night’s Mad Men episode, mainly between the now dueling housewives, Megan and Betty (yes, technically Megan is an “actress” now, but all we’ve seen her do so far is practice her acting exercises at home while watching Don’s kids). Now that she’s no longer at the office, Megan has adopted a casual uniform of chic cropped black pants and sweaters. In the meantime, Betty — just as large and hungrier than ever — looks more and more like a Connecticut grandmother, having swapped her summer florals for an autumn wardrobe of double-breasted, jewel-toned skirt suits, which she wears to her Weight Watchers meetings. While Don’s current and former wives pad around in their respective houses fuming about each other, Peggy goes to the office in a rainbow of mock turtleneck variations. Enjoy our full fashion recap, including Beth’s side-boobs and more of Jane’s fabulous jewels, in the slideshow.

Mad Men Fashion: Hungry Betty and Actress Megan