Mad Men Fashion Recap: Christmas and Krishna

Photo: AMC

Remember Paul Kinsey, the bearish-looking, bearded, cuddly fellow who worked at Sterling Cooper? He re-emerged in last night’s episode with his head shaved aside from a ponytail emerging from the back of his shiny dome like, well, a particularly puny tail. Having become a follower of Hare Krishna, a Hindu-based religion, Paul now dresses in dirty robes and dates a greasy-haired fellow worshipper named Lakshmi, whose draped red sari apparently make for easy access, if you know what we’re saying. Meanwhile, it’s Christmas! Isn’t it fun to see all these red outfits just as we’re all packing away the last of our winter sweaters? Roger drunkenly stumbles around the office in a terrible printed vest, while an angry Megan wears red sequins and Don remains far too cool to deign to holiday-themed attire.