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Nick Gruber Had Such an ‘Amazing Learning Experience’ at Rehab

Nick Gruber and Calvin Klein.
Nick Gruber and Calvin Klein. Photo: Matthew Peyton/2010 Getty Images

Following his late-April arrest for cocaine possession, Calvin Klein’s 22-year-old ex-boyfriend and his wheelie suitcase were apparently whisked away to the Meadows in Wickenburg, Arizona — the same facility visited by John Galliano, Kate Moss, and Donatella Versace once upon a time — by Klein’s private jet. Now Gruber’s stint there has ended, with him posting the following message on Facebook over the weekend:

Hey everyone, I just had such amazing learning experience from Rehab. I have leaned so about my self. I am so Thankful that I went. I am a different person. I don’t want to go back to my old self. I want to focus on my future on become a successful person on Education, Work and Bettering my self every day by day. No more partying. Time to be a grown adult. Thanks to rehab and the people who love and care About me. I am now going to aftercare. I want to better my self even more :) - Nick Gruber

Nick Gruber Had ‘Amazing Experience’ at Rehab