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See Lara Stone Pilot a Flying Saucer in Hot Chip’s ‘Night & Day’ Video

The model, clad in a wire-covered bustier and jacket, weaves her half of the UFO around the earth — the other portion is driven by comedian Reggie Watts — as a bunch of monks and maxi-skirted modern dancers groove to the music in what appears to be a college library (where else do you listen to Hot Chip?). Toward the end, the cult leader, played by Terence Stamp, leads the crew outside to watch Lara and Reggie’s flying saucers create a delicious black-and-white cookie, which then transforms into a yin-yang and then explodes. It’s no Nicki Minaj’s “Starships,” but it’ll fulfill this month’s quota of baffling, space- and tenuously fashion-related music videos.

See Lara Stone in Hot Chip’s ‘Night & Day’ Video