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Shalom Harlow Relieved She Didn’t Slip on Alexander Wang’s All-Star Runway

As part of his fall 2012 Confessional Series, Alexander Wang chronicled Shalom Harlow’s return to the runway (and wearing of his mesh face-cage) after her four-year-long hiatus. “I was scouted at a Cure concert,” Harlow remembers. “A model scout approached me there and asked me if I modeled, and I thought that was ludicrous. When I started coming to do shows in New York, New York had a pretty electric energy then. It was the early-nineties, and there was a lot of really fun theatrical types that were designing, and so the runway kind of became this stage for all of these mega model personalities to flaunt their stuff.” She adds, “This idea of returning to the catwalk is — I do feel some nerves, and I do feel the height of those shoes. I hope I don’t slip was the next thought.” Harlow rounds out the video, saying, “I think there’s a lot projected on beautiful women, period. At least, maybe this is just my fear, but I do sometimes feel dismissed before I’ve even been allowed to participate. I have moments of feeling really wounded. But I am pretty optimistic, and I do enjoy a lot of my life. And I’m peaceful inside.”

Shalom Harlow Relieved She Didn’t Slip