No One Squabbled Over Jessica Simpson’s Baby Pictures

Use your imagination.
Use your imagination.

Jessica Simpson has sold the first pictures of her newborn daughter, Maxwell Drew Johnson, to People magazine for a relatively paltry $800,000, WWD reports. Not only is this quite a low sum compared to other celebrity baby photos (People paid Jennifer Lopez $6 million for exclusive pictures of her twins, while Nicole Richie got $1 million, and Christina Aguilera got $1.5 million, according to Forbes), but apparently there weren’t even any counterbids from other weeklies.

But don’t worry — Jessica and little Maxwell aren’t coming away from birth penniless. Instead of running baby photos, the new issue of Us Weekly features a cover story on Simpson’s new, $4 million weight-loss deal. Because who really needs baby money when you can get diet money?

No Squabbling Over Jessica Simpson’s Baby Pics