Slideshow: Street Style From the Great GoogaMooga Festival

Photo: Jonathan Nesteruk

The Great GoogaMooga Festival descended upon Prospect Park this weekend, featuring tasty fare by more than 75 different vendors (Vinegar Hill House, Sullivan St. Bakery, Craft, DuMont Burger, and Blue Ribbon, to name a few), plus musical acts like the Roots, Holy Ghost!, Lez Zeppelin, and the legendary Hall & Oates. Despite rumors that the lines were too long and grassy knolls filled with grumpy, cell-phoneless hipsters, GoogaMooga had many happy, interestingly dressed attendees. We sent a photographer to capture some of the crowd and hear their best guesses at the meaning of GoogaMooga — either a beast, an expression of excitement, or baby talk, depending on who you asked. Click through our slideshow for a sampling of what people wore while filling themselves with foie gras doughnuts.

Street Style From the Great GoogaMooga Festival